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Drug-free Alternatives to ADHD Treatment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been garnering headlines of late. Whether it’s virtual learning during the pandemic bringing children’s struggles with attention to light or the recent epidemic of adult diagnoses with the condition, ADHD has been...

New Advances in Light Therapy Hold Promise for Brain Disorders

Photobiomodulation May Prove an Effective Treatment for Alzheimer’s, Depression, Stroke From our ancestors’ discovery of fire, to the invention of the electric lightbulb, to harvesting sunlight as a renewable energy source, part of the human condition has always...

Parenting with ADHD: How to Structure Your Working from Home Day

Parenting with ADHD presents an array of struggles. Keeping track of doctor’s appointments, meal times, and school projects can be frazzling enough for the completely neurotypical, never mind parents whose minds are prone to wandering, having children or not. In the...

The Real Cost of ADD and ADHD Treatment and Tips for Saving Money

A few years ago, the daycare professional noted that your child tended to wander from play area to play area, not sticking with any given activity for more than a few minutes. Your child’s teacher mentioned last month during parent conferences that it is apparent that...

Improve concentration with these five simple exercises for your brain

It’s 4:00 p.m. and you’re slogging through the remainder of the workday, re-reading the latest email from your boss to make sure you’re not missing anything vital. Your morning coffee buzz has completely waned and instead of focusing on work, you’re thinking about the...

Last-minute holiday gifts for beating distraction

We at Narbis know what it’s like to be distracted. It’s kind of our reason for being. And with lack of focus comes delays and forgetfulness. So for the last-minute shopper, what’s better than a last-minute gift list to help anyone who’s found themselves getting easily...

Meet Narbis, the New Distance-Learning Secret Weapon for Kids with Attention Disorders

As the 2020-21 school year inches closer, school districts and parents are grappling with the uncertainty of how to continue with the children’s academic future. The reality is many students will likely be staying home this fall and continuing with distance...

Distraction Nation — Why Adults Are Getting Treated for Attention Disorders

We are living in a connected, always “on call”, time-disrupting world. Whether your interruption is from a news outlet push notification alerting you to the latest think piece, or your personalized stream of email, text messages, Slack and Microsoft Teams...

How to Study for a Test and Make it Stick

As we approach end-of-school-year tests and final exams, we were curious to know if there were any special tips and tricks for effective study habits to impart to high school and college students who might be feeling under pressure. Especially this year, amid virtual...


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