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Test-taking time and attention disorders: Keeping eyes on the prize

Spring is almost here. With the arrival of the vernal equinox comes flowers, rain, longer days…and standardized test season. Whether it’s for state educational requirements or taking a stab at college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT, mastering the content...

Relationships with ADHD: How to make sure the brain stays focused on the heart

Forgetfulness, procrastination, spontaneity: The behaviors of people who have ADHD can be both draws and turn-offs for potential partners. A sense of adventure and acting on impulse can help keep a relationship fresh and alive. Who wouldn’t jump at a loved one...

The Surprising Technology that has Freed Neurofeedback

Despite a huge amount of research showing the benefits of neurofeedback to treat myriad disorders — including ADHD, depression, anxiety, and PTSD — the field has been held back because of a deceptively pedestrian problem: goop.  Paste and gel has been the...

Many are Turning to Neurofeedback to Help Improve Attention. What are the Side Effects?

Brain fog. ADHD. Anxiety. Feeling constantly distracted. Between COVID and spending our waking lives glued to screens, we are living in a world of declining mental states. And millions of people are searching for a remedy. Medications work, but many bring with them...

Brain Hacking and the Science of Brainwave Entrainment

Consider the following scenarios: In the first, you’re about to jump out of a plane to skydive; the second, you’re drowsy and relaxing in bed after a long, exhausting day. As you might imagine, the electrical patterns in your brain would look wildly different between...

How to stay focused while working from home

With social distancing now part of everyday parlance and practice, more and more people are finding themselves working from home for the foreseeable future.  The good news for many is that it means the end of long, annoying commutes, and a chance to leave the...

New Breakthroughs in Neuroscience and Neurofeedback Offer Hope for Better Brain Functioning

The Following Content is Sponsored by Narbis A Q&A with Narbis CEO Devon Greco (affiliate link) Recently, The Hustle reported that since featuring Stanford Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman in November 2021, over 90 days,...

How to Stay Focused During — and After — the Holidays

As Andy Williams once sang — and as the annual holiday commercial barrage won’t let you forget — the holiday season is the “most wonderful time of the year!” Children and adults alike get a reprieve from their usual routine, enjoying time off to frolic outside and...

Coronasomnia Keeping You Up? Here’s How to Achieve Deep Sleep

Do you ever hit that 3 p.m. wall in the middle of your work day, wishing you had gotten more sleep the night before? You aren’t alone. More and more people are experiencing daily tiredness due to poor sleep since COVID-19 began. With the pandemic in its second year,...


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