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ADHD: Kryptonite or Super Power for Video Gamers?

Love them or hate them, video games are only growing in popularity. The entire video gaming market is expected to be worth more than $200 billion by 2023. If you’re in the “hate them” camp, perhaps it’s because you’ve heard about how video games are shrinking kids’...

Drug-free Alternatives to ADHD Treatment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been garnering headlines of late. Whether it’s virtual learning during the pandemic bringing children’s struggles with attention to light or the recent epidemic of adult diagnoses with the condition, ADHD has been...

To Return or Not to Return: Navigating the Post-Pandemic Workplace

For you, the employee, the past 16 months may have been an unintentional respite. Free from your open-plan office and all of its inherent distractions — whether it’s your coworkers’ cell phone pacing or your bosses’ thrice-hourly “quick chats” right as you were...

Biofeedback Tech Can Amplify the Benefits of Yoga, Meditation

Yoga, the combination of breathing exercises, meditation, and physical postures used to achieve a state of relaxation and balance of mind, body, and spirit, has been surging in popularity for years, but especially amid the pandemic as people look for a practice that...

Seven Tips for Keeping Kids’ Brains Engaged this Summer

Now that summer is upon us and kids are released from the rigid structure of school, parents are looking to fill the void. What can families do to keep their kids engaged until September? We asked for input from educators, family counselors, child psychologists,...

Is Homework Getting Harder, Or Are Distractions Getting Worse?

According to a recent proprietary study by Narbis; a technology company dedicated to creating wellness products to enhance attention and concentration, a majority of parents —63 percent— report that their children’s homework is a source of household stress and...

How to Endure Back to In-Person School: 4 Easy Tips for Stressed-Out Parents

Families of school-age children have endured so much over the past 16 months or so amid adapting to virtual learning and all that comes with it: remote athletic training and music practice; taking standardized tests online; and experiencing rites of passage such as...

Distraction Nation — Why Adults Are Getting Treated for Attention Disorders

We are living in a connected, always “on call”, time-disrupting world. Whether your interruption is from a news outlet push notification alerting you to the latest think piece, or your personalized stream of email, text messages, Slack and Microsoft Teams...

Test-taking time and attention disorders: Keeping eyes on the prize

Spring is almost here. With the arrival of the vernal equinox comes flowers, rain, longer days…and standardized test season. Whether it’s for state educational requirements or taking a stab at college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT, mastering the content...


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