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Last-minute holiday gifts for beating distraction

We at Narbis know what it’s like to be distracted. It’s kind of our reason for being. And with lack of focus comes delays and forgetfulness. So for the last-minute shopper, what’s better than a last-minute gift list to help anyone who’s found themselves getting easily...

The Science of Neurofeedback

Despite years of scholarly research and evidence supporting the effectiveness of neurofeedback, many people still may have questions about it: how it works, its efficacy, and whether it’s worth exploring as an alternative to traditional treatment.  To help answer...

New Advances in Light Therapy Hold Promise for Brain Disorders

Photobiomodulation May Prove an Effective Treatment for Alzheimer’s, Depression, Stroke From our ancestors’ discovery of fire, to the invention of the electric lightbulb, to harvesting sunlight as a renewable energy source, part of the human condition has always...

Light Therapy Devices Improve Skincare, Migraine, and Mood

Light therapy is a specialized kind of treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to help improve a person’s mood, boost energy levels, and reduce migraine pain. Cosmetically, light therapy devices have been approved by the FDA to stimulate hair...

Parenting with ADHD: How to Structure Your Working from Home Day

Parenting with ADHD presents an array of struggles. Keeping track of doctor’s appointments, meal times, and school projects can be frazzling enough for the completely neurotypical, never mind parents whose minds are prone to wandering, having children or not. In the...

Stressed out and Exhausted? Biohacking Claims to Restore Quality of Life

This is part one of a two-part series on biohacking. Summary. In the flurry of information that exists around biohacking, many fundamental questions go unanswered. This story breaks down the basics of human enhancement, including: What is the history behind...

TikTok Tics Fuel Fears of Digital Overload on Developing Brains

A recent study linking TikTok videos to an apparent uptick of involuntary Tourette Syndrome-like tics in adolescent girls continues to make headlines and raise alarms. Researchers say the complaints of sudden physical tics like flailing their arms and...

Restoring Calm this Holiday Season Will Take More than Just a Bubble Bath

When you’re a kid, the holiday season is full of magical anticipation, excitement, and innocent wonder and joy. When you’re older, it turns into something else completely. For plenty of adults, the end-of-year festivities translate into a non-stop pressure cooker of...

Neurofeedback Boosts Performance for Office Workers, Athletes

Years of scientific research support the effectiveness of neurofeedback as a non-invasive, non-drug way to change the way your brain functions. Neurofeedback has been adopted to treat an array of clinical disorders including ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, traumatic...


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