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NASA and Neurofeedback: Narbis is Out of This World

Narbis’ neurofeedback smart glasses teach you to pay attention by analysing your brain activity, training your brain to weed out distractions, thus priming it to operate in a highly focused state, helping you become more productive as a result. Yet in a way, putting...

Top 10 Items for Back To School – Distance Learning Edition I

As the dust starts to settle amidst the oddity that is the 2020 back-to-school season, parents are going to evaluate some of those recently purchased “must-have” back-to-school items.  We at Narbis have put together a list of those distance-learning “must-haves”...

Tips to Survive Virtual Learning and ADHD

Long the domain of busy adults looking to squeeze in an evening MBA, online learning has expanded beyond its original target audience into something that has become a cornerstone of daily life for learners of all ages. Among virtual learning’s selling points: it lends...

Narbis at home: a mom tells her story

Neurofeedback, the technology behind Narbis, has been shown to help the brain learn to function more efficiently, but how does this technology work in smart glasses? And how does it feel for a child to actually use them?  https://vimeo.com/390537133 Narbis...

Feed your Brain with These Cognitive-Boosting Foods

While the continuous buzz from fad diets, new alleged “superfoods,” and must-try weight loss supplements can be overwhelming, connections between your diet and the health of your brain are undeniable. Despite what those Instagram ads promise, there’s no magical...

To Return or Not to Return: Navigating the Post-Pandemic Workplace

For you, the employee, the past 16 months may have been an unintentional respite. Free from your open-plan office and all of its inherent distractions — whether it’s your coworkers’ cell phone pacing or your bosses’ thrice-hourly “quick chats” right as you were...

How to make remote learning less stressful for everyone involved

Keeping children occupied and out of trouble is stressful enough under the most normal of circumstances. When the whole family is cooped up at home, having to ensure your child is keeping up with their remote learning on top of other responsibilities can seem nearly...

Hyperactivity at Night: How ADHD and Irregular Sleep Patterns are Related

Not getting a restful night's sleep? The signs of hyperactivity at night in children are often obvious and present as overall restlessness and ‘bouncing off the walls' -type behavior, but with adults they tend to be more subtle. It's also common for adult individuals...

Parenting with ADHD: How to Structure Your Working from Home Day

Parenting with ADHD presents an array of struggles. Keeping track of doctor’s appointments, meal times, and school projects can be frazzling enough for the completely neurotypical, never mind parents whose minds are prone to wandering, having children or not. In the...


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