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How to get through summer homework stress

The past few months of virtual learning has meant that the time-hewed stand-and-deliver approach to education has had to be rethought to be more interactive; if not redone entirely. And despite educators’ best efforts under the most unforeseen of circumstances, some...

Tips for Students Struggling to Stay Focused Amid Finals

If you’re like most adults, and the sheer memory of studying for exams sends you into a panicky downward spiral, imagine how kids today feel. You may have barely passed your English Literature final by pulling an all-nighter and downing a strong pot of coffee, but...

Top Biohacking Devices for 2024

This is part two of a two-part series on biohacking. Summary If you’re looking to adapt biohacking practices into your daily life you may want to integrate the use of human augmentation tech into your routine. This piece breaks down: - The most popular biohacking...

Hyperfocus On-Demand Through Neurofeedback Training

Flow. In the zone. Peak performance. Whether you get to these states as a yogi, an athlete, or as a knowledge worker, hyperfocus is another, broader, term that describes this heightened mental state. It’s something into which artists and NFL players alike can tap into...

Seven Tips for Keeping Kids’ Brains Engaged this Summer

Now that summer is upon us and kids are released from the rigid structure of school, parents are looking to fill the void. What can families do to keep their kids engaged until September? We asked for input from educators, family counselors, child psychologists,...

How to stay focused while working from home

With social distancing now part of everyday parlance and practice, more and more people are finding themselves working from home for the foreseeable future.  The good news for many is that it means the end of long, annoying commutes, and a chance to leave the...

Simple Brain Hacks May Boost Mental Concentration

What do you do when you’re born completely color blind, but are desperate to enjoy a full range of color vision? If you’re Neil Harbissoh, you implant an antenna into your head. The device translates colors to sounds that he hears via bone conduction. It not only...

Must-Have Tools to Help Entrepreneurs Stay Sharp

This post includes an affiliate link to Narbis.com, if you purchase anything through this affiliated link, the author/website may earn a commission Have you ever put in what feels like a full-day’s work and thirteen cups of coffee, only to find zero actual tasks...

How to help your child make and keep New Year’s resolutions

Fresh off the excitement of the holiday season, from a child’s perspective, the answer to the question ‘What’s your New Year’s resolution?’ might not be as clear-cut as it is for their parents.   Identifying an area for improvement can be puzzling for kids....


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