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How to Endure Back to In-Person School: 4 Easy Tips for Stressed-Out Parents

Families of school-age children have endured so much over the past 16 months or so amid adapting to virtual learning and all that comes with it: remote athletic training and music practice; taking standardized tests online; and experiencing rites of passage such as...

How to keep your child engaged in learning through the summer

This school year has been unlike any other. Effectively, students have been out of school since mid-March. But as we head into mid-June, it’s easy to forget that school is only now officially out. While juggling working from home and distance learning has proven to be...

Video gaming and ADHD: Game Over?

That new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X was the highlight of your holiday gift-giving this past holiday season. Given that your family has been cooped up during the pandemic — and especially during the cold, dark days of winter — any shakeup to the usual indoor...

To Return or Not to Return: Navigating the Post-Pandemic Workplace

For you, the employee, the past 16 months may have been an unintentional respite. Free from your open-plan office and all of its inherent distractions — whether it’s your coworkers’ cell phone pacing or your bosses’ thrice-hourly “quick chats” right as you were...

The Science of Neurofeedback

Despite years of scholarly research and evidence supporting the effectiveness of neurofeedback, many people still may have questions about it: how it works, its efficacy, and whether it’s worth exploring as an alternative to traditional treatment.  To help answer...

Neurofeedback Boosts Performance for Office Workers, Athletes

Years of scientific research support the effectiveness of neurofeedback as a non-invasive, non-drug way to change the way your brain functions. Neurofeedback has been adopted to treat an array of clinical disorders including ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, traumatic...

Hyperfocus On-Demand Through Neurofeedback Training

Flow. In the zone. Peak performance. Whether you get to these states as a yogi, an athlete, or as a knowledge worker, hyperfocus is another, broader, term that describes this heightened mental state. It’s something into which artists and NFL players alike can tap into...

How to Work from Home Amid Back-to-School

Most of your child’s virtual learning issues have been ironed out. You’ve figured out what school supplies will help streamline virtual learning beyond three-ring binders and gel pens. And for better or for worse, your kitchen table has become the default household...

What We’ve Learned from a Year of Virtual Learning

A year ago, educators, students, and parents were flying by the seat of their pants, scrambling to secure tools for remote learning and navigate the particulars of teleconferencing software such as Zoom and edtech software like Canvas. If the household’s Internet...


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