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How to get through summer homework stress

The past few months of virtual learning has meant that the time-hewed stand-and-deliver approach to education has had to be rethought to be more interactive; if not redone entirely. And despite educators’ best efforts under the most unforeseen of circumstances, some...

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Brainwave Technology in 2021

As the holidays approach, so does the spirit of gift giving. With ADHD diagnoses in adults on the rise, gifting your loved one a device to combat distraction could be more useful now than ever. Neurofeedback, a form of biofeedback, is a non-invasive,...

The Rise of ADHD in Kids and Women: What it Means for Schools

Recent headlines pronounce that ADHD diagnoses are on the rise for both children and adults, especially women. In fact, adult diagnoses of ADHD are growing at a rate four times faster than cases in children, according to a study published in...

The Rise of Digital Medicine Means More Non-Drug Treatment Options for Patients

Digital innovation has shaped almost every aspect of the way we live our lives today. Struggling to find parking downtown? Want to start learning a new language today? Craving sushi from the town over but don’t want to get off the sofa? There’s an app for that. And...

ADHD Treatments: Prescription Medication vs. Neurofeedback

Parenting a child with ADHD can be stressful and at times, infuriating. The constant fidgeting, impulsive behavior, and lack of listening can leave a parent feeling both embarrassed by their child’s behavior, as well as frustrated because the same types of discipline...

Tax Time and ADHD: Financial Planning for People Who Have Trouble Staying Focused

Living in the moment. Spontaneity. These positive traits associated with ADHD can be downright detrimental when it comes to something that’s front of mind for Americans this time of year: finances. As tax season is in full swing, we asked mental health experts who are...

Meet Narbis, the New Distance-Learning Secret Weapon for Kids with Attention Disorders

As the 2020-21 school year inches closer, school districts and parents are grappling with the uncertainty of how to continue with the children’s academic future. The reality is many students will likely be staying home this fall and continuing with distance...

New Advances in Light Therapy Hold Promise for Brain Disorders

Photobiomodulation May Prove an Effective Treatment for Alzheimer’s, Depression, Stroke From our ancestors’ discovery of fire, to the invention of the electric lightbulb, to harvesting sunlight as a renewable energy source, part of the human condition has always...

Narbis Steps Out at CES 2020

Unless you’ve been living in an Internet cave—or perhaps a cave without Internet—you know that this past week was the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). What started out in 1967 in New York, featuring that year’s big-ticket items of pocket radios and integrated-circuit...


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