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How to Study for a Test and Make it Stick

As we approach end-of-school-year tests and final exams, we were curious to know if there were any special tips and tricks for effective study habits to impart to high school and college students who might be feeling under pressure. Especially this year, amid virtual...

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Uptick in ADHD Diagnoses

It’s been nearly a year that we’ve been shut indoors. And with each class that’s held on the couch, on a bean bag chair, or at the kitchen table, everyone’s learning styles, idiosyncrasies, and ways of working are on full display. Your daughter might be a straight-A...

Narbis at home: a mom tells her story

Neurofeedback, the technology behind Narbis, has been shown to help the brain learn to function more efficiently, but how does this technology work in smart glasses? And how does it feel for a child to actually use them?  https://vimeo.com/390537133 Narbis...

Biofeedback Tech Can Amplify the Benefits of Yoga, Meditation

Yoga, the combination of breathing exercises, meditation, and physical postures used to achieve a state of relaxation and balance of mind, body, and spirit, has been surging in popularity for years, but especially amid the pandemic as people look for a practice that...

Last-minute holiday gifts for beating distraction

We at Narbis know what it’s like to be distracted. It’s kind of our reason for being. And with lack of focus comes delays and forgetfulness. So for the last-minute shopper, what’s better than a last-minute gift list to help anyone who’s found themselves getting easily...

Keeping focus amidst alarming levels of stress may require new tactics

Forget why you started an email? Unconsciously hopping from tab to tab without rhyme or reason? Doom Scrolling? If you’ve found yourself more distracted or stressed than usual lately, you aren’t alone. Two years after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a...

How to Work from Home Amid Back-to-School

Most of your child’s virtual learning issues have been ironed out. You’ve figured out what school supplies will help streamline virtual learning beyond three-ring binders and gel pens. And for better or for worse, your kitchen table has become the default household...

Tips for Students Struggling to Stay Focused Amid Finals

If you’re like most adults, and the sheer memory of studying for exams sends you into a panicky downward spiral, imagine how kids today feel. You may have barely passed your English Literature final by pulling an all-nighter and downing a strong pot of coffee, but...

How to keep your child engaged in learning through the summer

This school year has been unlike any other. Effectively, students have been out of school since mid-March. But as we head into mid-June, it’s easy to forget that school is only now officially out. While juggling working from home and distance learning has proven to be...


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