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Hyperfocus On-Demand Through Neurofeedback Training

Flow. In the zone. Peak performance. Whether you get to these states as a yogi, an athlete, or as a knowledge worker, hyperfocus is another, broader, term that describes this heightened mental state. It’s something into which artists and NFL players alike can tap into...

Parenting with ADHD: How to achieve work-life balance when work and life are both at home

Your workplace Slack is broadcasting alerts to your smartwatch with lightning speed: if it’s not about stomping out the latest client fire, it’s of the latest meme flying around your company’s now-virtual break room. As you go off to mute your smartwatch alerts, you...

Is Homework Getting Harder, Or Are Distractions Getting Worse?

According to a recent proprietary study by Narbis; a technology company dedicated to creating wellness products to enhance attention and concentration, a majority of parents —63 percent— report that their children’s homework is a source of household stress and...

Stressed out and Exhausted? Biohacking Claims to Restore Quality of Life

This is part one of a two-part series on biohacking. Summary. In the flurry of information that exists around biohacking, many fundamental questions go unanswered. This story breaks down the basics of human enhancement, including: What is the history behind...

Brain Fog: A Look into the Different Causes and Solutions

This is part two of a two-part series on overcoming brain fog. Forget the name of your child’s teacher again? Stumped by what you actually need to buy at the grocery store because you left the list at home? If you suffer from brain fog, you know that it can touch...

How to help your child make and keep New Year’s resolutions

Fresh off the excitement of the holiday season, from a child’s perspective, the answer to the question ‘What’s your New Year’s resolution?’ might not be as clear-cut as it is for their parents.   Identifying an area for improvement can be puzzling for kids....

Last-minute holiday gifts for beating distraction

We at Narbis know what it’s like to be distracted. It’s kind of our reason for being. And with lack of focus comes delays and forgetfulness. So for the last-minute shopper, what’s better than a last-minute gift list to help anyone who’s found themselves getting easily...

7 Ways to Preserve Mental Acuity

Keeping sharp. Focus. A nimble mind. Whatever you call it, mental acuity is important at any age. Whether at preschool age, embarking on a life of learning; or during one’s golden years, taking active steps towards mental fitness should be a cornerstone of anyone’s...

Biofeedback Tech Can Amplify the Benefits of Yoga, Meditation

Yoga, the combination of breathing exercises, meditation, and physical postures used to achieve a state of relaxation and balance of mind, body, and spirit, has been surging in popularity for years, but especially amid the pandemic as people look for a practice that...


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