By Taylor Craig

In the age of multi-tasking, smart glasses-maker Narbis is hoping to use artificial intelligence to help people focus better.

The company’s new glasses, which launched Tuesday, can detect when you’re distracted and train your brain to remain focused. Pre-order prices currently run $590 and will go up to $690 when shipping begins in December.

“Narbis represents a very exciting opportunity for people looking to practice attention in daily life,” Devon Greco, founder and CEO of Narbis, told Cheddar Tuesday.

Greco explained that three sensors, two behind the ears and one that sits on top of your head, gather information on your brainwave patterns and runs it through a NASA algorithm to determine whether or not you’re distracted. If you are, the lenses darken.

While the product is being marketed as a training tool for students, the device can help anyone looking to suppress their distractability.

“Sports teams are looking to improve their attention and their performance on the field,” Greco said. “There are also applications for the aging.”

He noted that because the glasses encourage changes in brain activity, people who take medication or have a diagnosed condition should only use them with medical supervision.

Greco recommends using Narbis for about 30 minutes a few times a week, noting that it should be used up to five times a week at the most.

“Just like you want to go to the gym to work out your body, this is exercise for your brain,” Greco said.

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