We at Narbis know what it’s like to be distracted. It’s kind of our reason for being. And with lack of focus comes delays and forgetfulness. So for the last-minute shopper, what’s better than a last-minute gift list to help anyone who’s found themselves getting easily distracted when working or distance-learning from home? 

We’ve put together this list of nifty gadgets for 2020 holiday gift giving to get you focused and ready for whatever 2021 brings you. 

  1. Narbis Smart Glasses

Narbis smart glasses harness the science of neurofeedback to help teach you how to concentrate and pay attention to the task at hand. Worn two or three times a week for 30 minutes, the lenses change tint when the sensors detect that the wearer is getting distracted. Once the sensors detect brain activity indicative of paying attention, the lenses return to their original tint.

Available at Narbis.com

  1. Learning blanket

Get your kids cozy and educated at the same time with Birdy Boutique’s learning blankets. Developed by a former teacher, the 50”x 60” throw blankets offer an array of lessons, including sight words, US state capitals, Spanish-English education, and animal facts. 

Available at Birdy Boutique’s Amazon store 

  1. Flashcards

While your children are all snuggled up, double the learning with flashcards. Think Tank Scholars’ versions bring a pop of color to your preschooler or elementary schooler’s math and reading enrichment. (Plus, this site has free resources such as worksheets to keep learning going all year long.) 

Available at Think Tank Scholar

  1. Standing desk

After 10 months of working at home, your back might be crying out for some relief. A standing desk can improve your workplace ergonomics. How? Its adjustable height allows you to shift positions during the workday, helping to keep you alert as a result. 

Available at Victor Tech’s Amazon store

  1. Notebook stand holder

If standing desks won’t work with your workspace, a laptop stand holder offers many of the same ergonomic benefits, including minimizing neck and hand cramps. It can also make your laptop’s camera field of vision give you a more professional shot for videoconferencing calls. 

Urmust Ergonomic Adjustable Ultrabook Stand available at Amazon

  1. Egg timer

What do eggs and tomatoes have in common beyond breakfast? Both can help your productivity. Mark off your Pomodoro method time blocks with an egg timer. Once your 25 minutes of work is up, take a five-minute break and set your timer again. 

Cat kitchen egg timer at Bed, Bath, Beyond

  1. Laptop bed stand

Some days despite your best efforts to get out of bed and be productive…you might feel more productive sitting in bed. A laptop bed stand can help keep you (and your laptop) working while you stay under the covers. 

LapGear Ergo Pro Lap Desk with mouse and smartphone compartment, available at Micro Center

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones

When you don’t have enough walls around you, build them — with a wall of sound. Noise-cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver to anyone who finds themselves distracted by the sounds of their siblings’ language class, their spouse’s fidgety knuckle-cracking, or the barking from the neighbor’s dog. Many models sync to phones and computers via Bluetooth, meaning those outside noises won’t be a worry on that big Zoom presentation.

Quiet Comfort wireless headphones II available via Bose.com

  1. Sound therapy

While removing unwanted sounds from your life can be a blessing, so can immersing yourself in them. A Tibetan singing bowl is both decorative and offers peaceful background noise to working, meditation, or yoga. 

Tibetan singing bowls available via ShantiBowl.com

  1.  Teaching focus

While all of the above gifts can help you or your loved ones stay on track, some extra hand-holding never hurts. Here’s an online course from time management and productivity coach Alexis Haselberger to learn how to bring some calm and routine to your at-home workday. (It also gets delivered instantly, so it might be among the ultimate of last-minute gifts.)

Online course: Frazzled to Focused: How to Regain Control, Connection and Calm When Working from Home

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